In 2011, three SME AG (Small to Medium Enterprise Association Group) namely EABS (European Association of Brazing and Soldering), CESOL (Spanish Welding Association) and BESA (Building Engineering Services Association) successfully applied for EU funding under FP7 with €1.8m initiative to carry out research and development for a new and safer flame.

This R&D project was completed in 2014 culminating in the creation of a new safer flame from water. It involved an electrolyser using the latest PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) stack technology to break water  (H20) into its gaseous components of Hydrogen (H2) and Oxygen (O2) to be used in conjunction with a specially designed torch to deliver the new and safer Hydrogen flame (post-mix). It must not be confused with the traditional HHO system flame from water which uses chemicals like potassium hydroxide (KOH) and the output gases of Hydrogen and Oxygen from the electrolysis of water are mixed before it is burned in the torch (pre-mix) and is prone to "light back" or "Flashback"

Safeflame (UK) Limited was created to exploit the results from the project commercially. Safeflame is based in Frome, Somerset in the UK. There is a range of Safeflame units in various sizes available to view and can be used to assess the size of the Safeflame unit required for the tasks the customer is hoping to achieve.

Why is Safeflame a safer flame ?

  • No premix gases

  • No gas cylinders

  • No light back / Flash back

  • No corrosive chemicals

  • No use of alcohol like MEK or Acetone

In addition, new Safeflame torch design produces a new "Flame" which is very different from traditional HHO, gas/air or gas/oxy flames.

This "New" flame compliments rather than competes with existing commercially available flame. It is a "New" additional flame available to the market.

The flame is neutral and concentrated ; heat is therefore localised and does not spread, eliminating the risk to overheat the brazing piece and nearby assembly components. Such a flame drastically reduces the oxidation inside the brazed pipes. For the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning industry, with less oxidation inside the copper tubing will result in extended life time of the compressor. 

The market sectors that can benefit from this Safeflame technology includes the following

  • Heating Ventilation

  • Air Conditioning

  • Refrigeration

  • Jewellery

  • Education Establishments

  • Glass industry

  • Plastic industry

  • Automotive

  • Aerospace

  • And many others

Important Facts about some Oxy-hydrogen generators in the market place using Flashback Arrestors (FBA) and claiming to be in compliance with certain standards and implying that their equipment are safe. These standards relating to safety of FBA specifically exclude such Oxy-hydrogen system. Click on link below to find out exactly what the standards say.

ISO 5175            EN 730

If you buy such an equipment or machine, the responsibilty of its use is your responsibilty and you will need to ensure that the equipment is safe and fit for purpose.

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