This is a water filter for the Safeflame unit. It is there to filter the water before entering into the sensitive PEM cells. Once a PEM cell is contact with unclean or contaminated water, it will be destroy and will need replacement. The PEM cell is the most important and expensive component of the Safeflame unit. It is recommended the water filter be changed at least once every 6 months and sooner if the Safeflame unit is used regulariy and oore often every day. You can see the state of the filter as it is mounted on the outside compartment where the gas filters are. If it looks like the filter is clogged, then it is time for the filter to be changed. These filters come in pack of 4 units to save on delivery costs.

Water filter - WF1000

SKU: WF1000
  • Safeflame offers a 12 months return to base parts and labour warranty. This is a consumable item and therefore not subject to warranty. If the return is related to damage on delivery, please let us know and we will replace them FOC.

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