This is silica gel drying agent for the hydrogen and oxygen gases from the PEM electrolyser. They come in bottles of 500g each. The silica gel will change colour as it absorbs water. It will start afresh in orange coloured pellents. As it absorbs water it will turn green and eventually when it is nearly or fully  saturated with water it will turn black. That's the time to change the drying agent. These silica gel pellets can be reused several times by putting them in an oven at 250C for about 10 minutes. It will turn back to orange for reuse again. These silica gel pellets will last about 50 hours use continuously. So if it is use for say half an hour in total on and off a day, it will require changing once every 2 months. These silica gel pellets come in pack of 4 to save on delivery costs.

Silica Gel gas drying agent - SG1000

SKU: SG1000
  • Safeflame offers a 12 months return to base parts and labour warranty. This is a consumable item and therefore not subject to warranty. If the return is related to damage on delivery, please let us know and we will replace them FOC.

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